About the FEM Global Mobility Conference - Sydney

The FEM Global Mobility Conference Sydney will bring together global mobility professionals, consultants, industry experts and HR specialists.The conference looks to discuss current and new prospects in the ever-growing and complex field of expatriate management. Delegates can benefit from content-focused streams, multiple workshop sessions, interactive roundtables, case studies and hear from senior global mobility leaders.

Agenda Highlights

13:38 - 13:38

Keynote Panel: Exploring the Future Workplace and its implications for mobility function

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  •  What is the Future Workplace?
  • How are companies and individual roles evolving as Gen Y and Millennials step into more senior positions?
  • How is technology changing the workplace, and more specifically mobility as a function?
  • Mental health is becoming an increasingly important consideration in many Australian workplaces. 
13:39 - 13:39

Keynote Panel: Immigration and ongoing risk management compliance

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  • What is the impact of ‘isolationist’ policies?
  • What is the impact of the ATO and DIBP joining forces and sharing information in Australia?
  • What does the removal of Australia’s 457 visa mean for business?
  • Business drivers are seeing greater movement towards new hubs such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. What do businesses need to be aware of when approaching immigration into these markets?
  • Case studies around compliance activities for business travellers.
13:40 - 13:40

Understanding the benefits, risks and legal considerations of incorporating shared economy services into your business travel policies

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  •  A closer look at the travel sharing economy, such as Uber and Airbnb
  • How are organisations responding to the rise of travel sharing services?
13:41 - 13:41

Keynote Panel: Global mobility and talent in the context of globalisation and isolation

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  • Brexit, priorities of the Trump Administration
  • What is the impact of the rise of ‘isolation policies’ around the world, and what do they mean for international assignments?
  • How will the rise of Asia impact global mobility?
  • How to best manage remuneration and assignee expectations between Australia and assorted Asian markets?
  • How to track and support your high potentials for overseas development.
  • How to marry the ‘right’ talent with the appropriate cultural move – and what to do when these don’t align?
  • What tangible steps have been successful in marrying talent and international mobility?
13:42 - 13:42

Keynote Panel: Sharing policy best practice – meeting productivity and cost initiatives

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  • How to ensure current policies are aligned to both the business and the individual in today’s cost-conscious environment. Is long-term tax equalization still appropriate?
  • How are policies changing? What new types of packages are being trialed?
  • How to become more agile while still managing a heightened level of complience issues.
  • Developing a framework for strategic mobility metrics – who has done this successfully and how? How should you measure the success of appointments?


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